My home town Mikkeli is located in the heart of the Finnish Lakeland. The Mikkeli region Mikkeli is a very popular target for travelling all year round. Mikkeli is full of life in summer when there is a lot of summer guests. These people have come to spend their holidays in their summer cottages. There is about 700 lakes and almost 14 000 km lake shore line in the Mikkeli region. So it's no wonder why people want to have a summer house just here! Everyone can enjoy nature and peace. In the waterway of Saimaa and Puulaa you can find the most beautiful and charming places for fishing or canoeing for example. One unforgettable experience is to have a cruise in a summer night when nights are light in Finland. Everyone has a right to fishing in Finland, but you have to pay a small fishing fee. If you want to go fishing in Mikkeli you can do it even in the center! In the wintertime lakes are covered by ice, but you can still go fishing. Fishing in wintertime is called jigging. You fish through a small hole in the ice and you can participate in a jig competition, too. It's a great experience to feel the Finnish nature even in winter. There is a lot of fresh air and white snow. You can ski free on the cross-country skiing tracks in the woods and if you want to spend a night in nature, you can buy a snowmobile adventure. It's easy to reach Mikkeli by car, train or airplane. The driving time from Helsinki to Mikkeli is not more than two and a half hours.
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